About us

Apex Fabworks is a business that specializes in custom and production fabrication. Originally started by Chris Pelley, he has been in the fabrication industry for 20 years and has a breath of experience in off-road chassis fabrication, tabbing, suspension design, CAD design, aerospace welding and production fabrication.

Apex Fabworks was acquired by Hamar Industries in 2016 and is now part of a family of companies that work together to provide a wide array of services. Chris has remained part of the family and is now running operations and engineering for Apex Fabworks and others.

Our goal as a business is to provide our customers with quality parts at a fair price along with next level customer service. We take pride in everything that we do and we are dedicated to helping our customers any way we can.

Apex Fabworks has been in business since April of 2015 and we are growing every day as a business. Whether we are adding equipment and capabilities to our shop, or learning new innovative methods and procedures; we are dedicated to staying at the top of the industry.

We are grateful you are taking the time to learn about our history and future. We appreciate your business and look forward to proving to you that we are one of the best!