Combo or Spot Beam

Posted by Chris Pelley on

I have been asked many times by my amazing customers what beam is best for their LED. The answer is always met with another question: "what do you plan on using it for." The reason I always ask this is because LEDs are not one size fits all. The planned use is always the most important part. So here is some helpful info for you guys and gals who need some guidance!

- Technical/Slow Driving - For guys that are doing slower night driving, or driving over obstacles that require light in a lot of directions, then you want the Combo beam. When going slow, having light 1000 feet down the road doesn't provide a lot of benefit to you. Same with technical driving over obstacles, you want to see more around you and less way in front of you. A Combo beam provides great flood lighting around the front of your rig, which makes technical driving easier at night. It also provides some spot beam as well for those trips out to your technical trails!

- Fast Driving - If you are driving fast, you want to see as far out in front of you as possible. So a Spot only beam is ideal for you. This will reach out a touch stuff at a great distance and allow you to see any potential obstacles in time in order to make a good decision. This is great for desert driving, back roads and fire roads that allow you to move a little faster at night.

- Weather - For those who will be driving in bad weather you have a couple options. For  bad weather a Combo beam may be the right one for you. In snow and fog having more flood lighting will really help you see anything in the road around you while the spot provides some more distance. There is an important add on for you, an amber cover. Cali Raised LED makes a great, easy to install, magnetic cover for your LED that allows you to slide amber cover over your LED, even when stealth mounted. It is a tight fit on some applications, but it is worth it. The amber cover drastically lowers the reflective properties of the light while still making it much easier to see.

- Animals - Those who drive a lot of roads with animals having some good flood lighting is the way to go. A Combo beam will do a great job of illuminating those nice shiny eye balls on critters who want to enter the road. Many customers who have ran these Combo beams have said it's really like turning night to day with the visibility of animals.

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